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We’ve now trained over 500 practitioners to facilitate the Own My Life course! Thank you for your determination and for embracing the programme with such passion and skill. 


If you’d like to share the word about the Own My Life course and all the incredible work you are doing to help support women, please feel free to use our handy new press release template. 


It’s simple. Just take the template, populate your details and ping it back to us for approval. Then ask your marketing team or volunteers to activate it across your blog, case study section and social media channels. You can also share the release with the media to help spread awareness of the course for local women. You can see a real life example by CLICKING HERE

Within the press release, there is an opportunity to share evaluation data from your course, including the difference the course has made.  This includes calculating the percentage point difference for participant's before and after the course.  We have provided instructions on how to calculate the percentage points below.

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