Women Holding Hands


The Own My Life course is an innovative, creative and educational 12-week course for women.  It can be delivered online or in-person and supports women to regain ownership of their lives when they have subjected to abuse or violence by partner.  This is done through training practitioners to run the course with women and using short videos, structured discussions, group and individual activities, and a comprehensive learning journal.  

The course uses multimedia content to explain complex concepts about trauma and abuse in easy to understand video clips, along with videos which evidence how popular culture reinforces or perpetuates:

  • Sexism.

  • Rape culture.

  • Violence.

  • Misogyny.

  • Disrespect in relationships.

  • Abusive behaviour.


The Own My Story Journal provides women with space for reflective practice, and includes all the information provided throughout the course.  This becomes an ongoing resource for women after the course has finished.  The course explores how women can regain ownership of our lives including owning our mind, body, choices, relationships, world, feelings. 


The course includes the follow-on "Own My Group" course which supports women if they would like to begin self-organising in continued support and learning together.

Course aims

To educate and empower women who have been subjected to abuse to regain ownership of their own lives.


To equip and resource practitioners with the most up to date research and understanding about male violence.


To provide a replicable, easy to use resource for working with women.

100% of participants would recommend the course to other women