Own My Life course facilitator training is available to practitioners working within women's services and other organisations working to respond to domestic abuse, sexual violence, women in prison or the criminal justice system, or within social care, children's centres or other speaces where women nee help making sense of their lives and experiences.  Our training is usually delivered online. 

Our training is usually delivered via Zoom over 5-days and may take place over 1 week or multiple weeks.  Training is 9am - 4pm each day, is highly interactive, deeply informative and fun.  Individual practitioners can book onto the training, organisations can block book staff on, and for those wanting to train 20 practitioners or more, sole organisation training can be provided.  

Training includes:

  • Full instruction to deliver the Own My Life course with women.

  • Comprehensive domestic abuse education.

  • Literacy building on the physiology of trauma.

  • The course WoManual.

  • Unlimited access to the Own My Life e-Hub.

Training costs £449 per person. Ask us about group discounts for 10 or more training participants.

Course Materials

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The WoManual includes all the session plans, forms & a full copy of the Own My Story journal.  Each facilitator needs a copy of the WoManual.

99% of practitioners said our training was either good or excellent

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The Own My Story journal includes scripts of all the videos, the course quizzes and other activities,& a way for women to record their journey on the course. Each course participant needs a journal.

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The e-Hub includes the 22 course videos, additional video content, a positive songs playlist, forms, evaluation spreadsheet & more.

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The other course materials include traffic light laminates & pens for the weekly Own My Choices activity, string for a Session 2 activity, the evaluation ballot box & emojis.