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Service Delivery Agreement

This Service Delivery Agreement is part of our Expectations of Sisterhood.  Organisations running the Own My Life course are required to agree to this in order to run the course.  When ordering Own My Life resources (Own My Story Journals or Other Resources) your organisation will need to confirm their agreement to this Service Deliver Agreement.

While some organisations use quality standards and others use centralised administrative systems to protect the quality of work being done, we instead seek to empower organisations, facilitators and women attending Own My Life courses to ensure the work they do is positive, constructive and healing.  We do this through our Expectations of Sisterhood which you can read HERE.  


Please use the green menu to read through the webpages related to our Expectations of Sisterhood.  If you have any questions, please email us on


Part 1: Right to Use

Own My Life CPD accredited facilitator training enables your staff or volunteers to deliver the Own My Life course to women.  It does not give your organisation the facility to train others to run the Own My Life course.

You agree to:

  1. Commit to the core values of the Own My Life course.

  2. Commit to the core principles of the Own My Life course.

  3. Ensure only original resources are used, to protect the integrity of the resources for course participants and staff and volunteer facilitators.

  4. Ensure all Own My Life courses are facilitated by at least one trained facilitator, with support from an untrained assistant, if necessary.

  5. Ensure the course is run in a context with robust safeguarding processes in place, taking particular note of the Online Course guidance (3 minute read) when running the course remotely.

  6. Ensure the number of participants in each course:

    • Does not exceed 8 women for the first course facilitated by a staff member or volunteer.

    • Does not exceed 15 women for any subsequent course(s).

  7. Run each course as a fixed,12-week course, referencing THIS Delivery Guidance (3 minute read).

  8. When selecting a time for any evening courses, organisations should be mindful of the following:

    • Staff’s ability to work in the evening and the impact of evening work upon their wellbeing.

    • Holding space for women’s groups for 2 hours is intense work and unlike delivering in the day, staff working in the evening won’t have an opportunity to gradually process & discharge so that they are able to properly switch off and have some downtime before sleeping. This can sometimes take a few hours after delivery and so the timing and remuneration for evening courses should take this into account.

    • Likewise please also consider the same for women who will be participating on the course in the evening and whether they have adequate support mechanisms after group.

  9. Ensure each facilitator is delivering no more than one evening course per week and:

    • All evening courses start by 7:30pm, to ensure they finish by 9:30pm.

    • A manager/safeguarding lead is available until 30 minutes after the course finishes, to respond to any safeguarding or other concerns.

    • Include at least 45 minutes post-session reflection time, which should be included in any paid working hours for staff.

  10. Ensure access to appropriate support, including supervision or suitable alternative mechanism for:

    • Any staff or volunteers who are facilitating the Own My Life course.

    • Commit to trained staff or volunteers attending an annual refresher and development session, the cost of which is not included in the initial charge for training.

  11. Accept that any break in these terms will result in removal of your Right to Use.

We agree to:

  1. To provide all of the resources your staff and volunteers will need to successfully facilitate the course with women in your setting.

  2. To provide support, advice and feedback as required, as you adapt the material for your current and future settings.

  3. To host an annual refresher and development day for all staff and volunteers who are trained to facilitate the Own My Life course, ensuring appropriate notice to ensure maximum attendance.


Part 2: Feedback Agreement


You agree to: 

  1. Use the Evaluation Station when delivering the Own My Life course.

We agree to:

  1. Use your evaluation data to improve the Own My Life course.


Part 3: Support and Community


We agree to support each other in our work: we will connect you with others we hear of, who are doing similar things to you, or running the course near you; you will let us know what you are doing and spread the word about the Own My Life course to relevant networks.


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