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Facilitator Agreement

This Facilitator Agreement is part of our Expectations of Sisterhood. We require facilitators to sign this agreement during Own My Life CPD accredited training.

While some organisations use quality standards and others use centralised administrative systems to protect the quality of work being done, we instead seek to empower organisations, facilitators and women attending Own My Life courses to ensure the work they do is positive, constructive and healing.  We do this through our Expectations of Sisterhood which you can read HERE.  


Please use the green menu to read through the webpages related to our Expectations of Sisterhood.  If you have any questions, please email us on

Part 1: Right to Use


Own My Life facilitator training enables you to deliver the Own My Life course to women.  It does not give you the facility to train others to run the Own My Life course.


You agree to:

  1. Give credit to the Own My Life course whenever you use the material.

  2. Commit to the core values of the Own My Life course (see HERE​):

    • Women are the experts on their own lives.​​

    • Depathologisation.

    • Trauma literacy and psychoeducation.

    • Information ownership.

    • Right use of power.

    • Collaborative not competitive.

    • Honouring resistance.

    • Liberation and equality.

    • Addressing the personal/professional dichotomy.

  3. Commit to the core principles of the Own My Life course (see HERE):

    • Woman centred.​​

    • Intersectionality.

    • Abuse is rooted in ownership and entitlement.

    • Abuse is controlling behaviour.

    • Space for action.

    • Consciousness raising.

    • Building self-efficacy.

    • Safety.

  4. Ensure only original resources are used with course participants, to protect the integrity of the resources.

  5. Ensure you have a copy of this agreement and the connected Service Delivery Organisation Agreement and understand the terms and conditions detailed in both. 


The Own My Life course agrees to:

  1. Provide support, advice and feedback as required, as you adapt the material for your current and future settings.

Part 2: Feedback Agreement


You agree to:


  1. Use the Evaluation Station when delivering the Own My Life course.


We agree to:

  1. Use your evaluation data to improve the Own My Life course.


Part 3: Support and Community


We agree to support each other in our work: we will connect you with others we hear of, who are doing similar things to you, or running the programme near you; you will let us know what you are doing and spread the word about the Own My Life course to relevant networks.

Your Details

CEO's details

We want to ensure you are well supported when delivering Own My Life and so will send an email to your senior leader to tell them about our Own My Life support materials.


Please provide the following information about the person within your organisation who has authority to sign off formal partnerships similar to the Expectations of Sisterhood (e.g. CEO, Chair of Trustees, other strategic lead):

Main contact

We may need to contact your organisation about Own My Life.  Please provide the following information about the person within your organisation that we should contact about any Own My Life queries (e.g. orders, training issues, invoicing etc):

Social media

We want the world to know about the great work your organisation is doing!  Please provide your organisation's social media details here:

If use social media, please provide any profiles below that you would like us to connect with:

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Thanks for submitting!

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