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Not only is our CPD accredited training transformational, once trained, our facilitators get access to an amazing suite of resources to support them in running the Own My Life course, and their organisation even get access to Own My Life:Support, to ensure that courses make the biggest difference to women's lives and that practitioners are well supported as they facilitate the course. 


Life changing resources!

We have a comprehensive and regularly updated package of support for facilitators and their organisations! All our post-training support is unlimited and free!  You can find out more about our exclusive training materials by clicking through the tabs below:

Own My Story Journal

We have developed this Evaluation Station to give organisations running the course easily accessible data about how well the course is working and the difference it is making in women’s lives.  Designed to be easy to use, even for those with few technical skills, we can provide you with online evaluation forms which automatically update to an online spreadsheet, ensuring all your data is fully accessible online and is seamlessly automated, with minimal effort for facilitators.  The data is displayed in pie charts and with percentages to make it easy to measure the impact of the course.


"It's just revolutionary to me compared to what else is out there." training participant

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