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Mother and Daughter


Welcome to our free video resource which helps you to make sense of parenting challenges related to your partner or ex's behaviour.



What is Counter-Parenting?

Some parents do not understand the importance of positive co-parenting, while others deliberately use the co-parenting relationship as a way to punish, control or harm their partner or ex. It is incredibly painful to be subjected to this, and to have your children used as a weapon. Along with various other experts and specialists, we call this counter-parenting. It is deeply harmful to children to have a parent or step-parent who is counter-parenting. 

What is Own My Life?

We are a registered charity working across the UK and Ireland (and sometimes beyond). Mostly we train practitioners to run a 12-week course called "Own My Life" with women, either in groups or one-to-one. You can find your nearest course HERE

Own My Life enables us as women (including those with and those without children) to make sense of our lives, process the ways a partner or ex may have harmed us, and helps us to take back ownership of our lives.


How do I use the Counter-Parenting resources?

That's up to you! The video and resource pack can be used by those currently dealing with counter-parenting or by those supporting women and their children. The video can be watched either on our website or HERE on YouTube. The resource pack is freely available to be used in whatever ways will make the biggest positive difference to you and those you care about. We only ask that you credit Own My Life as creators of the resource (rather than presenting it as your own work).


I love the resource, how do I get access to more of your content?

For those working with women and children (in a paid or voluntary context), our joyous 5-day online training (click HERE for details and to book) gives you access to all our materials, alongside meaningfully equipping you to work in positive and transformative ways. For those unable to access our training, or who are wanting our resources for personal use, you can find all our videos and support materials available through our e-learning platform, Own My Life Discovery (,

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This project was made possible thanks to players of People’s Postcode Lottery. We are very grateful to them!

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