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expectations of sisterhood

We are committed to ensuring that every woman who accesses the Own My Life course has a life-changing, positive experience, which aligns with our core values and principles.  To ensure this, we have developed our Expectations of Sisterhood which encompass how trainees and their organisation engage with our CDP accredited training and includes their ongoing commitment to delivering the course well. 

Every organisation is different and we seek to empower practitioners to deliver the Own My Life course in ways that are best suited to their context, with freedom and flexibility to ensure women accessing the course benefit from the practitioner skill and the unique strengths of each organisation.  We also have non-negotiable delivery requirements which are designed to protect the integrity of the Own My Life material, safeguard practitioner wellbeing and ensure women get the most benefit from the course.


Our Expectations of Sisterhood, have been formulated to align with our core values and principles.  When running or attending an Own My Life course, an organisation, facilitator or course participant may conclude that these expectations are not being met.  They can confidentially contact us and ask us to communicate with their organisation about any issues.  We will meet with the organisation running the course and establish how we can support the organisation and/or facilitator to abide by the Expectations of Sisterhood.  CLICK HERE to read the Expectations.

Protecting course integrity

We know that each organisation will have their own approach to working with women.  We know that you are the greatest expert in what will work for you context and we want to support your work.  The Own My Life course is values driven, and so adhering to those values and seeing them worked out in course delivery is part of what makes the course so brilliant at enabling women to take back ownership of their lives.

Our Expectations of Sisterhood ensure the Own My Life is run safely and well

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