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We have developed this Evaluation Station to give organisations running the course easily accessible data about how well the course is working and the difference it is making in women’s lives.  Designed to be easy to use, even for those with few technical skills, we have two options available:

1. The Fancy Evaluation Pack

This is for all online courses and, where possible, we advise using this for all in-person courses.  This pack provides you with Google Forms which automatically update to an online Google Sheet, ensuring all your data is fully accessible online and is seamlessly automated, with minimal effort for facilitators.  Because this requires your course participants to complete an online form, either on their own device (phone/tablet/laptop/PC) or on a device provided to them during the session, it may not be the right option where it is unsafe for women to use their own device and don’t have access to an alternative device.

2. The Basic Evaluation Pack 

For courses where online forms are not suitable, we provide printable forms and use Google Sheets for you to add your data to.  This is not an automated process and requires some additional work.

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