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Our Irish Tour

Updated: Mar 9

In early March 2024, we're excited to be travelling across the Republic of Ireland to launch our Irish context materials; including an Irish Own My Story journal and some newly contextualised Own My Life videos, particularly offering new content on Women's Rights and Intersectionality.

Our schedule

  1. Monday 4th March (Morning) Teach Tearmainn | Naas | Closed event.

  2. Tuesday 5th March (Morning) Laois Domestic Abuse Service | Laois | Book HERE.

  3. Tuesday 5th March (Afternoon) Ascend/NTCD | Tipperary | Closed event.

  4. Wednesday 6th March (Morning) Coolmine | Limerick | Closed event.

  5. Wednesday 6th March (Afternoon) Adapt Kerry | Killarney | Closed event.

  6. Thursday 7th March (Afternoon) Oasis House | Waterford | Closed event.

  7. Friday 8th March (All day) Esker House | Athlone | Book HERE.

Get Involved

If you are based in Ireland, you can get involved in our tour by joining us in Laois or Athlone, at the open events which you can book into. If you would like to follow along on as we make our way through Ireland, we'll be posting on our Twitter/X account HERE and our CEO, Natalie Collins, will be posting updates on her LinkedIn HERE.

All the blogs from my Irish Tour:


·      Day 0 (Sunday) - Travel Travails

·      Day 1 (Monday) - Brilliant Women and My Trusty Trolley

·      Day 2 (Tuesday) - From Teenagers to Tipperary

·      Day 3 (Wednesday) - And My Heart Got Fuller

·      Day 4 (Thursday) - Women Are Not "Hard To Reach"

·      Day 5 (Friday) - Women Are Badass

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