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July 2024 Own My Life Training

We had a GLORIOUS training event last week. Look at all our joyous faces! Here is some of the (very wonderful!) feedback from participants:

🥇 The best resource for women. 🥇

🏆 Really engaging and one of the best trainings I have attended/participated in. 🏆 

📣 Excellent training and course! I can see this being beneficial for anyone (not just women who have experienced domestic abuse). 📣 

✊🏽 It gives so much to think about and gets you thinking in a way you haven't done before, it's a fantastic course, I know it will help the women I work with and it has helped me get some of my own things in perspective. ✊🏽

🔥 The resources are fantastic - the journal is beautiful and so very useful, the WoManual is the perfect companion to run the course, and the online resources are excellent. I've never come across such insightful yet concise videos done with so much trauma awareness, intersectionality and inclusivity in mind. 🔥 

🤩 I think Own My Life is a wonderful course that has been carefully put together and it really shows! I think it offers women tools so that they can empower themselves and offers some well needed thought to how wonderful they (and women!) are. I really appreciate the thought to "bringing the joy" and keeping it as a positive and hope filled environment. 🤩 

🙏🏽 I have wished at so many points that, when I was being subjected to abuse (by an ex partner, by my father, and also after being subjected to rape), I had had access to a course similar to this, or to some of the knowledge it contains. It would have been transformational. It has taken me - and still is taking me - years of (first subsidised, now expensive) therapy to learn some of these lessons. Having this course AND the sisterhood that comes with it would have been incredible. 🙏🏽 

🌼 The training offers so many golden nuggets of information; you need to make sure you bring post-it notes! It will provide you with a more critical outlook on the violence against women and girls sector and make you question things that you may be overlooking. I feel excited to implement some of the things we have discussed in my own work and it has made me feel freshly inspired to use my voice and fight for the rights of women and girls. 🌼

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