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Sisterhood is Powerful!

It isn't just a slogan at Own My Life; sisterhood really is powerful.

Our CEO and Founder, Natalie Collins, has recently shared some of her story, which is also the story of a sisterhood of women, with the Sunday Times HERE and the Daily Mail HERE .

Own My Life is part of that story. After escaping Aaron Swan, her abusive husband, Natalie spend years working with women who had been subjected to abuse, before bringing together much of what she had learned for herself and with other women, into the Own My Life course.

In 2021, through reconnecting with her ex-husband estranged sister, Natalie was able to build a friendship with his second ex-wife and indirectly, through his sister, encourage Aaron's partner to attend the Own My Life course. After bravely attending Own My Life, this partner subsequently reported Aaron to the Police, joining his second ex-wife and another woman, in bringing rape and abuse cases to the Scottish High Court in late 2023.

Aaron Swan has now been found guilty of four counts of rape, one count of sexual assault and a course of conduct of abuse. He is awaiting sentencing.

As a result of these articles, more women abused by Aaron Swan have come forward. While it is horrendous the ways this man has been able to hurt so many women, the stories told in the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail are of hope and sisterhood. While abusive men intend to destroy the women and girls they hurt; women can regain ownership of their lives. In this case, the women brought together by Aaron Swan's abuse, have seen him convicted as they joined together, in sisterhood.

Sisterhood is powerful.

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