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Irish Independent Article

Updated: May 9

On 7th March, we were in the Irish Independent alongside ADAPT Kerry, sharing how they are using Own My Life with women. The article headline reads:

ADAPT Kerry deliver ‘Own My Life’ course for domestic abuse victims – ‘Abusers steal our joy’

You can CLICK HERE to read the article.

We are absolutely committed to ensuring women's joy is central to everything we do. Abusers steal our joy, and part of the way that we move forward in our lives is by seeking joy, creating joy-filled spaces and by building a sisterhood where joy is central.

We're delighted that so many organisations like ADAPT Kerry are part of our JOY REVOLUTION🌻 and we are excited to hear how their work continues to grow. 🌱 🙌🏾 💜

You can also read a blog about our visit to ADAPT Kerry in March by CLICKING HERE.

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