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Own My Life: Discovery

We are so excited to launch Own My Life: Discovery!

It's an online platform where users can access all the Own My Life videos and **brand new** support materials (worksheets, answer sheets, recommended reading, and more). Until now, only Own My Life trained facilitators could access our videos; now anyone can sign up for full access to them.

Our short, memorable and (often) fun videos cover everything from what abuse and why someone is abusive, to exploring how trauma impacts our brains and bodies. We have videos on wider societal messages which contribute to domestic abuse issues and for supporting people to move forward after they have been abused.

Individuals and teams can subscribe to Discovery for a small monthly fee. The materials will be useful for anyone wanting to understand abuse and trauma, either professionally or personally. It will be particularly helpful for social workers, counsellors/therapists, teachers, learning mentors and youth workers, mental health practitioners, children's centre staff, community workers, probation officers, those working in prisons, youth offending teams, domestic abuse services, family solicitors, charities working with women and children, those delivering training in health, education and social care. So basically anyone who works to help others!

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