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Thinking about doing the online course with...

.          WE:ARE Women's Empowerment and Recovery Educators in Birmingham?


Are you thinking about doing the Own My Life course online via Zoom?  Please read through this page to consider whether you are ready and able to do the course.

It's okay to try it!

Participating in the Own My Life course online, via Zoom, brings different challenges than participating in a course in-person.  It won't work for everyone, particularly because doing the course might bring up difficult thoughts or feelings that are too overwhelming to deal with at home, on your own.  If you feel the course is too much, please don't feel discouraged!  Recognising your own limitations and telling the facilitator that it's too much for you is a big step is setting boundaries for youself.  It may take awhile until you can participate in-person, but your wellbeing is the priority and if the course is too difficult to do online, it's okay to wait. 

Please watch this video to found out more about what the Own My Life course is about.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online video conferencing tool, you can use it on a laptop, PC, tablet or phone. The facilitator will send you a Zoom link.  When you click on the link it will ask you to download Zoom.  Once you've done that you'll always be able to join the course with a link from the facilitator.  You'll be able to see all the participants and the facilitator, and they'll be able to see you.  But you can always choose to switch off you microphone or camera.  There's text chat function and the facilitator will ensure you have enough time to practise using Zoom before you do any of the material.  To do the session, you'll get a Own My Story journal posted to your house which has all the material for the course within it.

Are you ready for the course?

Before starting the course over Zoom you need to be able to answer "yes" to all of these questions:

  1. Do you feel it is safe (both emotionally and physically) for you to do the course?

  2. Are you seperated from you abusive partner (including living in a different house)?

  3. If you have children, are your children old enough to manage without you while you do the Zoom session?

  4. If you have children, and they are too young to manage without you, have you joined an evening session and are your children most likely to be asleep for the whole session?

  5. Can you do the session somewhere other than your bedroom?

  6. Can you create a space to sit for the session that will help you to not feel triggered when you’ve finished the session?

  7. Are you willing to practise the grounding exercises (read below)?

  8. Are you willing to do a self-care activity after each session (read below)?

  9. Do you have a phone number and email address for the facilitator? Will you be willing to contact her if you need support?


During the Corona virus crisis, you may find this video about coping with the crisis helpful.

Creating a space

Creating a space to sit in your home doesn't need to be complicated. What will be helpful is sitting in a place you don't normally sit.  Placing a chair in a different place in the room for the sessions will help you to "leave" that emotional space after each session. The sessions may bring up challenging feelings, and so having a space in your home that is just for doing the course may really help you.


This is a video that talks you through how to do grounding if you're struggling.

Contact details: 

Jacky 07868163103 

Donna 07497105712

This newsletter is for the Own My Life course, not WE:ARE:

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